360 minutes of conversations and presentations between makers, creators and the leading industries for the creation of new advanced manufacturing technologies. Each panel will be 120 minutes of experience and content exchange from practitioners and researchers of different fields of knowledge.


21st of June at Main Stage from 3 to 5:30pm:

Made Again in the Fab City, panel. Curated by Space10 and the Fab City Research Laboratory. Brings together urbanists and creators currently shaping the cities of the future. For further reading of the impact of advanced manufacturing in cities, culture and society:



22ndĀ of June from 10am to 12pm at Maker Pro Stage:

Make it as a Pro, panel. Curated by Wevolver and the Fab City Research Laboratory. Connects creators developing new products using advanced manufacturing technologies with industry developers.



Maker Pro is curated by Tomas Diez, in collaboration with Mariona Ciller (Soko Lab), Aldo Solazzo (Noumena) y Chirag Rangholia (Noumena)