June 21st to 23rd by Aldo Sollazzo & Chirag Rangholia
IMPRIMIDA international call for artists and designers brings 10 selected participants to develop 3d printed art installations in collaboration with world leading artists in the digital fabrication field. The exhibition will showcase the best projects and prototypes from the 7 day intensive workshop hosted at Fab Lab Barcelona, Sonar and IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions.




Creativity to help, Knowledge to share

June 21st from 11-2pm by Òscar Martínez & David Ribes from MakerConvent

The workshop wants to go to understand the mechanisms of creativity applied to digital fabrication for the creation of support systems for people with disabilities. Digital fabrication has initiated a series of skills and abilities that do not always focus on useful projects. Here you will learn to create and share.

To participate you only need to be curious about digital manufacturing. Follow the link to Register!

Fab Textiles 3D Print on Fabrics Workshop

June 21st – 3-6pm & June 23rd – 3-6pm by Anastasia Pistofidou

3D Print on Fabrics (by Fab Textiles): This workshop will introduce participants to 3D printing techniques combined with textiles and patterns in order to created controlled forms, 3D volume and deformation. 3D printing on textile is a non-usual technique that can produce open design fashion garments for sports (as a protection) and for aesthetically outcomes. Participants will learn the workflow of 3d modelling, parametric design, file to production preparation and 3d printing in order to create t-shirts with 3d flexible volumes. Follow the link to register!

No previous experience is needed

Price: 120 €

Keywords: 3d printing, 3d modelling, 3d printed fashion, fab textiles, 3d print on fabric



GoodEnough CNC Workshop

June 22nd – 11 to 2pm by Luka Mustafa


An affordable and versatile CNC can change how we manufacture things. Luka Mustafa from open hardware development Institute IRNAS Rače from Slovenia will show you the power of open hardware and how developing wireless optical system KORUZA, 3D printers and CNC machines in an interdisciplinary setting enables the flow of solutions across projects and thus making them event better.

The second practical part of the workshop will be devoted to
GoodenoughCNC philosophy of simple and effective digital manufacturing tools. You will find out how to use standard components and locally available materials to create them. Helping to assemble GoodenoughCNC Hybrid with a milling head you will learn the key steps and get empowered to build such machines yourself. We will put the GoodenoughCNC Hybrid into action immediately, making urban gardening AKER designs with it.

To participate you only need to be curious about digital manufacturing. To register follow the link!


Build your own Arcade Machine

June 22nd – 3 to 6pm by Ferran Fabregas (MADE Makespace)

In this workshop you will learn how to build an arcade machine step by step working together to build a real one, from the 3d printed buttons, to the software configuration, including the building of the cabinet itself using the laser cuter. Enjoy and learn! To participate you only need to be curious about digital manufacturing. To register please follow the link!