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wevolverMaker Pro’s curation team and the open source hardware projects platform Wevolver ( SXSW 2016 innovation award winner in Austin, USA ) come together to bring a world class selection of projects. This remarkable products are making their way to the global distribution supply chain under the use of open source documentation. Drones, cars, robots, machines or bikes are some of the locally manufactured distributed production facilities.





Hovalin 3D printed functional acoustic violin


The total cost of raw materials for the violin (4/4) is currently about $70. The Hovalin was designed with Autodesk Fusion 360 and inspired by the Stradivarius violin model.

We encourage that you find a way to incorporate making your own violins into your schools, music programs, or wherever the music takes you.


Plen2 Desktop Robot


PLEN2 is a robot kit consisting control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself. You do not need any technical knowledge and special tools. What you need to build this robot is just a screwdriver. When you complete it, PLEN2 is approximately 20 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 350 grams with 18 joints and it is highly maneuverable.



HACKBerry practical prothesis for daily use created through the cooperation of actual users


HACKberry is an open-source 3D-printable bionic arm (i.e. a motorized hand that is controlled intuitively via muscle signals in the residual arm). All the technical data – including 3D CAD file, software code, circuit diagram, and bill of materials – are open-sourced under Creative Commons license. In this way, private developers around the world can replicate and customize it for people in their local area.
Since its launch in May 2015, many sub-projects have branched out globally, refining the quality of the hand and and leading to the growth of local communities. For example, a child-size version was created in Poland.



BoxBotix Robots that meet your specific needs!


Control your own Robot Destiny! BoxBotix lets you build robots that meet your specific needs and keep them running with parts you can make or source yourself.  

BoxBotix is an open source, modular robotics platform that is easy to hack, make, use and sustain. Our vision is to form a global network of artisans who specialize in the design, manufacture and support of robots at the local level.



OpenRov Mini Observation Class ROV


The original hackable underwater robot, upgraded
OpenROV is a low-cost hackable underwater robot for exploration and education. It is also a passionate community of professional and amateur ocean explorers and technologists.



Ultrascope Open Space Agency


Ultrascope Explorer Plus is OPEN HARDWARE, designed for everyone to build and improve on as a community.

The UEX Plus is now a public document on the cloud CAD platform OnShape, if you want to access and edit the build, just head over there, sign up and search for “Ultrascope Explorer Plus”.

We are releasing this version under the CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2 
We’ve chosen this CERN License as it gives maximum flexibility for others to extend the designs, manufacture and distribute Ultrascope Hardware.
Building the scope implies compliance with the terms of the licence.
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CanSat Simple & Affordable Space Access

Open Cosmos offers a combination of innovative hardware, software and services that allow simple and affordable space access.
Nanosatellite payload development kit. It allows integration and functional testing of the customer’s payload at its premises.
Cloud-based mission simulator and payload control interface used in ground with qbkit and in orbit with qbee.
Open Cosmos’ standard nanosatellite. It allows ‘plug and launch’ integration of payloads developed using qbkit and qbapp.
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Faraday Motion

The Ultimate Modular and Customizable Electric Skateboard Kit
Enabled by 3D Printing
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3D Printable Portable Slit Lamp

The design facilitates portability to the user. With minimum number and very fundamentally designed components, this can be taken along/printed at your desired place. It also makes it really cost effective and affordable to almost each section of the society in need, specially those who can not afford large expenditures on initial identification of the problems.


Refreshable Braille Display


Only about 10% of blind people around the world can read Braille. One primary reason is the high cost of Braille displays. The cost is a result of their complexity and reliability – required to ensure that they are able to handle wear and tear.



Refugee Open Ware


An investigation into how digitally fabricated prosthetics can transform the lives of those affected by the ongoing Syrian civl war through both function, accessibility and aesthetically. Customised design solutions will allow the device to act as a tool that can help mediate between the user and their unique built environment, in particular the sensitive social and cultural context. Additionally, integrated technologies and smart materials will help alleviate the loss of sense of touch while also contributing to self-esteem and relationships affected by the disability.


Mykonos Mushroom Grower

MYKONOS is a new type of home device that converts mushroom cultivation accessible to all. Usually grow mushrooms at home is generally a complex procedure. MYKONOS makes this process much easier, by combining various steps and tools in a single device.

In about five weeks MYKONOS far this summer ( incubation ) to the first cold nights of the year ( primordia formation ) and finally through the fall ( fruiting ) , when the mushrooms start to appear.


eWASTE 3D printer 2.0

Low cost 3D printer, small in size, from recycled parts of old DVD players, ideal for learning and teaching the process of 3D printing, autonomous printing via Internet or WIFI.





The movement DIYBio biohackers was born out of the idea that it is not mandatory that science is done only in major research centers and it can also be done at home. Not all experiments require large facilities! Surely you would be surprised how easy it is to build up an indicator of PH, a microscope, an incubator or to extract DNA from fruit. DIYBio arises from the need to resolve scientific questions come from citizens.





You can define a Drone as ” an aircraft with the ability to fly, semi or fully autonomous, thanks to a computer and sensors on board.

Drones have been associated largely with military use. However, each day more affordable, they are ideal for a wide range of applied research. They are now common tool for building techniques , photogrammetry, transport, agriculture, safety, rescue, environmental research and many other applications . In different circumstances , the only way to see what happened on the ground are satellite images and remote sensing analysis , but conventional platforms for the acquisition of these data, such as pilotless aircraft and satellites are expensive. The use of aerial robots can be beneficial to complete tasks with time requirements or precise position they are complex, or they have to be carried out in harsh environments.


Kniterate CNC knitting machine


Kniterate a CNC knitting machine can turn designed or imported images into art on knit scarves and sweaters. We chat with its inventor to learn how it works.



irnas is a non-profit, rewarding the ones that create, always exploring new projects and ideas. Irnas strives to apply the vast scientific knowledge to everyday reality by creating effective and affordable systems. Supports an open-source world and sharing. Aim to empower the world with technologies that improve lives, let that be an advanced communication system or a simple everyday utensil.


The SunZilla generator provides a clean and easy-to-use alternative energy


It is made for off-grid energy production in remote areas, outdoor events, refugee camps or in case of emergency situations.

The SunZilla system combines four unique features: it’s open source, portable, modular and easy-to-use with a plug-and-play approach.


First V1sion

First V1sion

Wearable broadcast system that immerses fans into the game through the athletes’ point of view.



AKER Soil Cube Propagator

Soil Cube

The Soil Cube Propagator is a mini desktop greenhouse that helps you cultivate a wide variety of plants on your windowsill. It makes it easier you to start growing things from seed, and the soil container can be easily transplanted into a larger growing space. The kit empowers you to continuously expand your plant family for years to come.

AKER WormHaus

Worm Haus

The WormHaus is a compact vermicomposting system offering a systainable way to convert your food waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Worms within the system process you organic scraps to nourish other plants and vegetables growing in your home.

The WormHaus can convert an amazing 3kg / 7lbs of food waste per week, making it perfect for small families and much more efficient than standard hot or cold composting systems. The kit comes with five stackable levels, allowing the system to expand and contract depending on how much waste is being created.

AKER Colorado Top Bar Beehive

Colorado Top Bar Beehive

The Colorado Top Bar is a beautiful beehive for your backyard, community garden or rooftop. Designed by our team in Colorado and inspired by the classic Kenyan Top Bar design, the CTB contains minimal parts and requires lost no equipment to harvest honey and wax.

The CTB embraces natural beekeeping methods, allowing bees to build “natural” or “free” comb. Other styles of hive such as the Langstroth typically use pre-made plastic foundations or commercially produced wax comb.