Mykonos Mushroom Grower

Mykonos Mushroom Grower

MYKONOS is a new type of home device that converts mushroom cultivation accessible to all. Usually grow mushrooms at home is generally a complex procedure. MYKONOS makes this process much easier, by combining various steps and tools in a single device .

In about five weeks MYKONOS far this summer ( incubation ) to the first cold nights of the year ( primordia formation ) and finally through the fall ( fruiting ) , when the mushrooms start to appear.

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  5. I love this story. I agree with the comments that say that these must be supernatural beings of some kind. I’m not sure that conversing with them would even be possible, though. She might not be able to physically fight her way out again…or it’s even possible that they don’t want to harm her. I doubt that, though, since they seemed to “hiss like snakes.” It’s obvious that she had been somewhere that she shouldn’t have been. Perhaps an acknowledgement and confession of that is in order?I’m going to get a copy of your book soon! I love your writing!

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  11. Feminism and the equality movements before and since them (civel rights, the right to vote, gay rights etc.) opened up new possiblilities and choices for all Americans. These possibilites and choices have made our world less defined and certain. As a result, men and women can gather strength in knowing that the life they live is what they chose not what society pushed on them.Now if we would just remember to look up from our busy lives and marvel at our accomplishments a bit more!

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  13. The colours on your quilts are fab! I know what you mean about the hexagons taking so long (and taking over!) I've still to finish a 'baby' quilt for my niece born at the end of July but it's sort of grown as I had too many nice fabrics I wanted to use. Now I want to get another one made in a few weeks to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness – donations made to guess how many hexagons have been used and the winner wins the quilt! Luckily I have helpers at the ready to sew pieces together at work!!

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  16. I LOVE DANCE MOMS!!!!!! I have watched every episode from the “sinister minister”to “who wants a mediocre kid.” Dance Moms is my life (and i always wish that icould be on dance moms…hahaha:) I am a dancer) and I can’t wait for seasontwo, I legit have a countdown until it starts!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

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  18. I hear you about being busy! Why I decide to do big projects around the holidays is beyond me! I had to do a couple posts that peek at our master bedroom/bathroom. Not sure either are worthy of WOW us Wednesday!Glad your getting those Christmas decorations going. Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

  19. LOVE your perspective on this topic. Bottom line, it’s a real tragedy whether you are in the public or personal sector for any family. Our society has evolved –and not in a good way– to crave this type of media. In today’s society it’s an elite group of men and women who are able to productively channel wealth, power and ego…Arnie serves as an important lesson/reminder to us all. We are all accountable for our own behavior and choices and there are consequences when we step outside those boundaries.

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  23. Brilliant! But does it matter that he gets an award from a leftist university? I think it matters as much as the Nobel for peace your own "socialist in chief" received. It matters as much as Israel's Prize metted on every Independence day to people like Tomarkin and his ilk, or an Oscar for a movie nobody watches. It's the left loving to bestow prizes on each other and it fits their hypocritical nature.

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  27. "ladies man" to me mainly because it reminds me a little of the one Don Draper wears on Mad Men (trust me when I say this is a compliment– I don't want to love Draper, but I do). I am curious what he means by the "neighborhood is protected". Does he mean zoning/landmark status has kept the demographics/architecture in historic condition?

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  34. .."Its Nationalism or Civil War."I agree, and since islam is nationalistic (umma=supreme being) and fascist (no one allowed to disagree), I vote for civil war. Of course, it would be nice if we all woke up and started protesting. No Child-Allowance after the second child, no unemployment money if you have never actually worked or if you refuse jobs offered – etc. But since we all live in coddle-society, this probably will not happen.

  35. Thank you! I liked it. I didn’t love it. The Whedonspeak was really starting to get under my skin, especially with an entire theatre blowing milk out of their noses at lines that had my eyes rolling right out of my skull.

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  39. They are enthusiastic but NOT very savvy. EG, why they didn’t use some random porn add network is beyond me. Or better yet, why they haven’t made any attempt to disguise their IP despite the fact that they know we know it? Or why he registered in his own name? Or why he openly acknowledged being a public figure for the purposes of defamation law?You know, I’m starting to suspect that this David Blade fellow might not be providing his clients effective counsel.

  40. It looked a bit high to me too, but I thought it might have been the camera angle, knowing how good you are at getting things just right. My pictures are usually low, because I put them about MY eye level..which is around 5 ft. Actually, I try to hang them just above MY eye level, so it doesn't look too weird for other folks.

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  44. T.Bone – many people did not fail drug test(s). Sadly, these days that does not proclaim your innocence. Mariam Jones never failed a test and stood up in front of the cameras and made that annoucement. We all know what happen later…I find it unfortunate that Athletics is the only sport taking a strong position against drug use and suffering the consequences. I pray Bolt is clean – because our sport would suffer greatly if he was not.

  45. Sjukt fin är du! Och jag gillar hur du skriver, tycker om ditt bruk av ordv vilket är något jag själv känner att jag har tappat bort, så det är skönt att få stimuleras av någon annans fascinerande sätt att skriva på lite då och då. Även om då och då är EXTREMT sällan vad gäller dig, men det får duga, haha

  46. I don’t think that’s completely fair. Even the sohocl closure debate’ struggles witht he concept of how we prefer our children to be educated. The era when parents would argue that a full Hardisty or Strathcona’s Bev Facey, come to that, was the ideal sohocl for their children has largely come and gone. Part of what we do lack in agreeing with you is the ability to critixize ( or correct) Alberta Education’s approach to curriculum. Failing the ability to be able to change content we have focused the dissatisfaction on the box that it is taught in or the cost thereof .

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  51. >(per Borghezio, è un po’ la stessa cosa- va da sè che il pugno se lo meritava, e se fosse uomo riconoscerebbe di non potersi lamentare- chi di spada ferisce…)paolo< Borghezio mi fa schifo ma nè lui nè i suoi compagni camice verdi,di spada,cioè fisicamente, hanno mai ferito nessuno.Anzi,credo si possa tranquillamente affermare che la violenza politica in Italia sia oramai appannaggio(quasi) esclusivo del sinistrume,”pacifisti” compresi.Franz

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  54. Yes, we do. We don’t have a magician, though. Watching the Bayern game today was fantastic, Ribery is one of the magicians of world football. He was top notch, with many impressive passes and great dribbles and such. Whom do we have that compares to this Ribery, to Kaka, to Ronaldinho?? Not in level, but in that flash and special magic? No one. Some would add sadly to that, but I say not necessarily… We have a fantastic team, and sooner or later we’ll add that flash player. It’s only a matter of time.Reply

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  64. Isn't the point of this post that there is no reciprocity with islam? What would be the response if there was a campaign in England, for example, that encourages all the muslims to adopt Western dress? I happen to think they should because I'm sick of having islam in my face every time I go to a public place.

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