NERO Drone



You can define a Drone as ” an aircraft with the ability to fly , semi or fully autonomous , thanks to a computer and sensors on board.

Drones have been associated largely with military use. However, each day more affordable, they are ideal for a wide range of applied research. They are now common tool for building techniques , photogrammetry , transport, agriculture , safety , rescue, environmental research and many other applications . In different circumstances , the only way to see what happened on the ground are satellite images and remote sensing analysis , but conventional platforms for the acquisition of these data, such as pilotless aircraft and satellites are expensive. The use of aerial robots can be beneficial to complete tasks with time requirements or precise position they are complex , or they have to be carried out in harsh environments.

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  27. Very moving and inspiring. I am still in the honeymoon phase of writing (starting out) and am finding a real sense of community at some writers' conferences and writing groups, just as I have found over-inflated egos and malicious competitiveness. But for now, I am determined to focus on the positives only!

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  47. I felt that way in labor with both my children. I KNEW I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I was not in control of what was happening, and I felt truly in tune with it at the same time.

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  51. You are so right when you say how fast the seder service is run through. Yes, food is an important part of the holiday, but spending time with the family is just as important. When I was a young girl my father led the service in a real traditional way which made the service as important as the meal. Being with my husband’s family on the east coast has been a real treat and very different, but personally I miss the friends and family that I long for on the west coast. In the end, no matter how the seder is conducted it is meaningful tradition that should be never lost.

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  55. Also, 4 wheel drive is for going through deep snow or mud. It won’t help you stop when all 4 wheels are on ice.OH MY GOD. My FIL repeats this every. single. winter. Over and over again. We’ve started telling him that we’re going to go home at 80 and then hit the brakes to get into the driveway right behind a little old lady, because, as we have 4wd, we should be fine, right??

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  57. Thanks for the reminder Charlotte. I often view those interruptions as distractions and inconveniences. but, time will pass so quickly and all I will have are memories. This new perspective will help me to see these moments as precious gifts of the present. God bless you. Thanks for the reality check: “those interruptions are life.”

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